Mastery Explained

Evidence, exemplification and illustration to explain the mastery approach

Evidence, exemplification and illustration

The Essence of Mathematics Teaching for Mastery - September 2022

Underpinning principles, lesson design, and how mastery works in the classroom

Five Big Ideas in Teaching for Mastery

Effective teaching for mastery is underpinned by five big ideas. This webpage provides a diagram and an overview of them.

What is mastery? A summary for school leaders

Discover what teaching for mastery means, and the professional development available so your school can begin its mastery journey.

Progress report on teaching for mastery in primary schools - July 2019

This 16-page document reflects the widespread positive impact of the programme, but also identifies areas where challenges still exist.

The relationship between teaching for mastery and ‘ability grouping’ - October 2018

We published our comments on how secondary schools organise their maths classes in this paper.


High quality textbooks can support teaching for mastery

Mastery research

Read more research and evidence about mastery on our mastery research page.