Secondary Mastery Professional Development

Materials that will assist you in your professional development and support you in teaching for mastery with confidence

Secondary Mastery Professional Development

These materials are now available for KS3 and KS4. The materials offer a ‘fine-grained’ description of the key themes and big ideas of the national curriculum by detailing:

  • broad mathematical themes
  • a number of core concepts within each theme
  • a set of ‘knowledge, skills and understanding’ statements within each core concept
  • a collection of focused key ideas within each statement of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Click on the diagram for an overview of the structure at KS3 or read a document with more detail and all numerical codes. If you are new to the materials, you will find this introduction and suggestions for how the materials might be used extremely helpful.

Materials and guidance for KS3

  • The structure of the number system

    The structure of the number system

    Theme 1 comprises four core concepts: place value, estimation and rounding; properties of number; ordering and comparing; simplifying and manipulating expressions, equations and formulae.

  • Operating on number

    Operating on number

    Theme 2 comprises two core concepts: arithmetic procedures; solving linear equations.

  • Multiplicative reasoning

    Multiplicative reasoning

    Theme 3 comprises two core concepts: understanding multiplicative relationships; trigonometry.

  • Sequences and graphs

    Sequences and graphs

    Theme 4 comprises two core concepts: sequences; graphical representations.

  • Statistics and probability

    Statistics and probability

    Theme 5 comprises three core concepts: statistical representations and measure; statistical analysis; probability.

  • Geometry


    Theme 6 comprises four core concepts: geometrical properties; perimeter, area and volume; transforming shapes; constructions.

Materials and guidance for KS4

  • Using and applying numerical structure

    Using and applying numerical structure

    Theme 7 comprises two core concepts: using structure to calculate and estimate; using structure to transform and evaluate expressions.

  • Proportional reasoning

    Proportional reasoning

    Theme 8 comprises two core concepts: working with direct and inverse proportion; understanding graphical representations of proportionality.

Each of the core concept pages within this section highlights specific classroom and professional development resources that support the use of these materials. These are also available elsewhere, arranged by type of resource. All the KS3 content is wholly consistent with the DfE guidance for teaching maths at KS3, published in the 2021 autumn term.