High quality textbooks can support teaching for mastery

The use of well-designed and tested textbooks can be important for the successful implementation of teaching for mastery. A good textbook is an aid both for the teacher in planning lessons, and for the pupil during lessons and working on their own.

For this reason, in 2016, a proportion of the overall Department for Education (DfE) funding for teaching for mastery was made available in various ways to schools participating in Maths Hubs' teaching for mastery work. The funding helped some schools to buy high-quality maths textbooks that met criteria drawn up by the DfE

An expert panel established by the DfE assessed textbooks submitted by publishers. Three of them met the published criteria:

  • Maths – No Problem! (published by Maths – No Problem!)
  • Power Maths Key Stage 1 (published by Pearson)
  • Power Maths Key Stage 2 (published by Pearson).

To watch short promotional videos, produced in 2020, from each of the two publishers named above, please click on their images below.

Maths No Problem Textbook Thumbnail Power Maths Textbooks Thumbnail

In the article below, from early 2020, you can learn about how two primary schools were using textbooks.