About the NCETM

How we support anyone who teaches maths

“The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) was set up in 2006. We provide maths-specific school and professional development for schools, colleges and teachers, and we coordinate the work of the Maths Hubs.”

Our remit

The NCETM is funded by the Department for Education and led and delivered by Etio (formerly Tribal Education Services), with MEI as a key partner. We were set up in 2006, and our remit is to support the ongoing professional development of all those who teach maths, particularly through our coordination of the Maths Hubs Programme, and with teaching for mastery as an underpinning principle of our work. Still not sure about what the NCETM and Maths Hubs do and don't do? Our Myth-busting page gives you more details about our work, and explains about the types of professional development we offer.

Our aim

Our aim is for all those learning maths to enjoy the subject, and to appreciate its power and value in the wider world. To achieve this, we want everyone teaching maths to feel confident in their teaching, and to share a passion for the subject with their pupils. Therefore we aim to support heads, senior leaders, heads of maths, maths leads, teachers and teaching assistants to improve maths teaching in state schools across England.

Professional development

We want all teachers of maths – including primary school teachers, Early Years practitioners and non-specialist maths teachers – to have access to high-quality continuing professional development (CPD). We provide this CPD ourselves and through the 40 Maths Hubs that cover the whole of England.

The professional development we offer takes the form of Work Groups, programmes and communities, but all these involve participants working with both experts and peers over a sustained period of time. Activity takes place face-to-face and online, enabling local collaboration to happen alongside the sharing of best practice with colleagues nationwide.

Website materials

As well as providing CPD, our website is home to a wealth of materials designed to help teachers to plan, prepare and teach high-quality maths lessons. Find out more about teaching for mastery, download professional development and assessment materials, watch videos, and much more.

All our materials are designed to promote collaboration and discussion, so we recommend you use them with colleagues to spark ideas about ways to approach the topics you teach. The materials on our website are freely available to teachers in any phase, location or setting. They will support you to develop secure subject knowledge and classroom pedagogy.

Social media

As well as our website, we are on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Follow and like us to stay in touch, and make sure you are signed up for our monthly newsletters by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Tell others

If you want to share details of the NCETM and its work with others, download and share this flyer. It includes details of how we support schools and teachers, and statistics about our work, including:

  • 85,000 active users of the NCETM website
  • over 2,000 local leaders of mathematics education working across the Maths Hubs Network
  • 2 in 3 schools in England involved with their local Maths Hub.