Mastery Magnified

Insight into how teaching for mastery is working in schools

To help you and your school implement teaching for mastery, we have plenty of useful materials.

Our case studies, lesson videos and school leader interviews let you hear from schools and teachers whose pupils are already benefiting from mastery.

We have also collated blogs, features and podcasts about mastery. They will give you an insight into how this approach is being introduced and embedded by teachers and school leaders across the country in both primary and secondary schools.

Case studies

These highlight teachers, schools, or specific aspects of teaching for mastery. From large secondary academies to small rural primary schools, you will find a case study about a school like yours.

Primary lesson videos

Filmed during the early stages of their teaching for mastery journey, the teachers featured in these videos are starting to embed some of mastery’s key features, such as whole-class teaching.

School leader interviews

In these videos we interview headteachers who have embraced mastery in their schools. They share details of how the time, energy and resources they have invested in mastery are already paying off for their pupils.

Podcasts, features and blogs

This selection of features gives you an insight into how mastery is benefiting teachers and pupils across England. Hear first hand from those involved about the challenges and successes.

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