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Composition and calculation: tenths

Spine 1: Number, Addition and Subtraction – Topic 1.23


Introduce children to tenths using both the partitioning structure and ideas of place value; apply additive facts and strategies, including column algorithms, and rounding to numbers with tenths.

Teaching points

  • Teaching point 1: When one is divided into ten equal parts, each part is one tenth of the whole.
  • Teaching point 2: Tenths can be expressed as decimal fractions; the number written ‘0.1’ is one tenth; one is ten times the size of 0.1.
  • Teaching point 3: We can count in tenths up to and beyond one.
  • Teaching point 4: Numbers with tenths can be composed additively and multiplicatively.
  • Teaching point 5: Known facts and strategies, including column algorithms, can be applied to calculations for numbers with tenths.
  • Teaching point 6: Numbers with tenths can be rounded to the nearest whole number by examining the value of the tenths digit.
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