Numberblocks at home

Resources to accompany the CBeebies Numberblocks series, designed for parents to use at home with children

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Numberblocks at home

Numberblocks PowerPoints designed for Early Years practitioners have been adapted into a parent-friendly format. Teachers and practitioners can send them directly to parents to provide opportunities to explore early mathematical understanding at home, in conjunction with the Numberblocks episodes currently available on the BBC iPlayer. The slides can also be customised, making the content bespoke for families and pupils.

This short video, featuring Debbie Morgan (NCETM Director for Primary, and Numberblocks consultant) explains to teachers and Early Years practitioners how to use the resources.

The PowerPoints cover Series 1 and 2, and begin at Series 1 Episode 7 ('Five'). This marks approximately where children in Reception would have got to when in school prior to the third lockdown. Now children have returned to school, the resources can continue to be used to support with early maths at home.