Support, ideas and information for teaching Core Maths

A conversation with the AMSP's Core Maths coordinator, and an enthusiastic Core Maths teacher


Support, ideas and information for teaching Core Maths

Cat van Saarloos coordinates support and development of Core Maths for the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP); Sam Halls-Barker teaches Core Maths in Essex. From the conversation, we find out what lessons are like and pick up some inspiring lesson ideas. We hear all about the support available from the Core Maths community and from a wide array of professional development. Below are links to all the resources mentioned in the discussion, and more.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Cat van Saarloos, Core Maths support and development coordinator for the AMSP.
  • Sam Halls-Barker, teacher of Core Maths at Saffron Walden County High School, and Core Maths advocate for the AMSP.
  • Gwen Tresidder, NCETM Communications Manager.

Episode chapters

  • 01:01 - What is Core Maths?
  • 01:30 - What does Core Maths look like in Sam’s classroom? Fermi estimates, Personal finance, How much has it cost to keep you alive up to this point? Setting up a business.
  • 06:36 - We don’t encounter ‘when will I ever use this maths?’
  • 07:21 - How many schools/students do Core Maths now?
  • 08:41 - What do universities think of Core Maths?
  • 09:13 - Where does Core Maths fit into a school/college’s post-16 offer?
  • 13:23 - Working with exam board pre-release material
  • 16:06 - Network meetings and professional development
  • 23:21 - Lessons inspired by a news story
  • 28:01 - Using a textbook
  • 29:56 - Which students is Core Maths suitable for?
  • 32:26 - Lessons on the Rwandan genocide and on Trump’s tax reforms.

Useful links

Sam tweets as @samhallsbarker

Cat tweets as @CoreMathsCat and curates a page: Getting Started with Core Maths - Everything you need to know about Core Maths in one place.

The Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP)

What’s going on in this graph? A resource from the New York Times, with graphs from real data and suggested classroom prompts

Questions inspired by a news story A blog of resources and suggestions for use, by Mark Dawes

Integral: AMSP’s online platform providing free resources for Core Maths and AS/A level Maths and Further Maths to teachers, and also student resources to support learning AS/A level Further Maths.

Core Maths resources from AMSP

Which Core Maths Professional Development course is right for me? AMSP and Maths Hubs’ Core Maths CPD, including free online festival (June/July 2022) and Core Maths Conference in Birmingham (18th June 2022)