Maths games - part 2

Motivate and engage with games that deepen understanding


Maths games - part 2

In Part 2 of our discussion with Dr Ems Lord and Liz Woodham from NRICH and Grace Coker from the EEF, we explore how games can facilitate collaborative problem-solving, encourage parental engagement and make homework more enjoyable.

A transcript (PDF) of this episode is available to download.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion:

  • Ems Lord, Director of NRICH, University of Cambridge
  • Liz Woodham, Primary Coordinator, NRICH, University of Cambridge
  • Grace Coker, Maths Content Specialist, Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
  • Julia Thomson, Communications Manager, NCETM.

Episode chapters

  • 00:05 - Introduction
  • 00:59 - Exploring the importance of collaboration in maths
  • 03:20 - Introducing maths games: NIM-7 and Got It
  • 05:53 - More game suggestions and utilising classroom resources
  • 07:51 - Encouraging parental involvement in maths practice
  • 10:08 - Solving Together: a homework project for secondary schools
  • 16:58 - Opportunities for new learning through games
  • 17:56 - Top tips for using games in the classroom
  • 19:54 - Conclusion.

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