Secondary Round-up - June 2024

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available


Secondary Round-up - June 2024

In this month's Secondary Round-up:

  • Apply Ofsted's maths report recommendations in your school - in the latest of our series on how to put the Ofsted maths report into practice, we share six tips for departmental collaboration with research on the topic
  • New KS4 PD materials - 'Proportional reasoning' includes two core concepts to help tackle a range of teaching topics, with ideas for collaborative CPD
  • Oracy in the maths classroom - with oracy high on the agenda, we explore the topic with our own Jane Hawkins and Kathleen McBride from Voice 21. Our two-part discussion is available now
  • Making an impact with Core Maths - we speak to the head of maths at Luton Sixth Form college to find out why he was determined to introduce Core Maths
  • MEI’s Calculator Crunch is back - Calculator Crunch is a fun way to engage Year 6 and 7 students, with challenges that can be used in school or at home.

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