New activity for the Maths Hubs Programme

Mastery Specialists will be recruited to lead activity in future years, and a new CPD project will run


New activity for the Maths Hubs Programme

The Maths Hubs Programme is to increase its offer, which will mean that more Mastery Specialists, including those working in Further Education, can be trained to support the development of teaching for mastery in schools and colleges across England. A CPD project dedicated to providing support for teachers of Year 7 in secondary schools will also begin in the new academic year.

From spring 2024, the expansion of the Maths Hubs Programme will see:

  • more Mastery Specialists recruited, including an increase in the number of new Further Education Mastery Specialists recruited in 2024/25 to 100
  • recruitment to a new professional development project for KS3 teachers – Securing Foundations at Year 7 – designed to help ensure that students make the best possible start to learning maths at secondary school
  • expansion of the Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics programmes, which develop teachers’ and teaching assistants' subject knowledge and pedagogy for maths teaching.

There will also be a specific focus on fluency in multiplicative reasoning at KS3 in Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Work Groups in secondary schools, and new guidance will be produced for KS4 maths teachers. In addition, professional development modules for trainee teachers and ECTs will be developed.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities for you or your department, school or college, contact your local Maths Hub to find out more. 

The deadline to apply for the Mastery Specialist Programmes and other leadership development programmes this year is 5pm on 29 March.