Secondary Teaching for Mastery – Development

Introduce teaching for mastery across your department

Heard about teaching for mastery? Interested in high quality professional development?

Being part of the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Programme will give you and your school chance to develop your whole maths department, and have an impact on the students you teach.

Hear from a teacher whose school has been part of the programme about the difference teaching for mastery has made to her practice and that of her department, and how her classes are enjoying maths lessons with a teaching for mastery approach.

Who can take part?

Whether you want to take a teaching for mastery approach in your own classroom and department, or introduce mastery in both your own school and beyond, we have a CPD opportunity for you. The NCETM and Maths Hubs are offering funded professional development activities, available in 2024/25. 

Our diagram shows a school's journey towards mastery. Use it to determine where your school's journey starts (click/tap diagram to show a larger version with more detail of the journey).

In 2024/25, there is also the opportunity for teachers who work in special schools to come together to join a regional cross-phase Development Work Group. Primary and secondary special school teachers will work together to develop teaching for mastery in their own contexts.

Contact your local Maths Hub for further details. Please note: this project is for state-funded secondary schools in England.

What is involved?

Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (‘Mastery Advocates’) to join a Work Group. Mastery Advocates then form part of a locally-based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise, and receive bespoke support.

Teachers will collaborate with colleagues from local schools, and get support and guidance from a Secondary Mastery Specialist, to introduce and embed teaching for mastery in their department.

Mastery Advocates

The fully funded programme enables you and another teacher from your school to become ‘Mastery Advocates’. Initially you will be part of a Work Group for a year. You will also get in-school support from a Mastery Specialist. Beyond the first year, you will continue to work with your local Maths Hub and take part in a Work Group as you embed mastery across your department.

This programme is for state-funded secondary schools in England. Mastery Advocates should be teachers with the commitment, experience and authority to lead developmental work across a maths department. The support of the head of maths, and the headteacher or a member of SLT, is also essential.

What is the cost?

The Secondary Teaching for Mastery – Development project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

What will you learn?

Hear from teachers who have taken part in a Work Group

Teachers who have been involved tell us more about the benefits of mastery for them and their students

Vicci Williamson, Maths teacher and Director of Research and Development, Hungerhill School, and Secondary Mastery Specialist, Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub

“For me as a Mastery Specialist, it is rewarding to see the lessons students are now experiencing with teachers who are teaching for a deeper understanding.

“SLT and the leaders of my department have been completely supportive and trusting as I have introduced teaching for mastery in maths because they see the benefits it has for the students.

“I would say to senior leaders and headteachers whose maths departments are considering introducing teaching for mastery to go for it. When you hear the conversations students have in maths lessons, see their engagement and depth of understanding, and listen to them telling you about their experiences of learning maths, you will see why it is worth it.” 

Simon Petri, Secondary Mastery Specialist, working with Surrey Plus Maths Hub

“It requires a bit of bravery to say actually, we’ve got to step away from old models and look at how we can facilitate this. A huge part of my role is to understand the context that schools are in and see how this fits into their lessons. I think the first thing is to get an understanding of what we mean by the term 'teaching for mastery', to remove the fear, to say 'teaching for mastery is this... and these are all the things you are already doing in your school

"I want teachers to gain an understanding of teaching for mastery and something they can go away and try...and pass their understanding on to their department.” 

Hear from a Mastery Specialist and head of maths in a school where teaching for mastery has been introduced in Years 7 and 8

What should you do next?

Get in touch with your local Maths Hub to find out about more about this opportunity.

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