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How to put the Ofsted maths report into practice

Key recommendations from the Ofsted report and suggestions for implementing them in your school

How to put the Ofsted maths report into practice
  • Published: 07/03/2024

The Ofsted report Coordinating mathematical success: the mathematics subject report was published in July 2023. It contains recommendations for primary and secondary schools to develop effective maths teaching and curriculum. But at 50 pages, it’s possible not everyone who teaches maths has yet had time to read it all and take in the findings, discussions and suggestions.

To help busy teachers and school leaders make the most of the Ofsted maths report, we are producing a series of helpful guides that take the recommendations and show you ways to apply them in your school. These downloadable PDFs pick out what the report says schools should do, and reference the sections that include each of the recommendations, so you can go away and learn more. The guides also point to the fully-funded professional development available from the NCETM and Maths Hubs that the report recommends teachers take part in, and tell you about schools who are already putting the CPD into practice.

Two guides are currently available, and more will be published throughout the year, so check back here and keep an eye on our social media to see when new ones are available:

Reasoning through Talk

Our newest guide focuses on reasoning, and particularly how talk in the secondary maths classroom enables students to explore and articulate their understanding of the maths they are learning. Click/tap image to download.

Mastering Number

Our next guide focuses on the Mastering Number Programme, which the report says ‘organisations should offer […] to all schools as an example of good practice in early mathematics’. Click/tap image to download.

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