Working across one whole: improper fractions and mixed numbers

Spine 3: Fractions – Topic 3.5

Primary KS2 Year 4
Mastery PD Materials


Meet mixed numbers and improper fractions, and learn to convert between them; compare, order and place them on a number line. Extend addition and subtraction from within a whole to numbers greater than one whole.

Teaching points

  • Teaching point 1: Quantities made up of both wholes and parts can be expressed as mixed numbers.
  • Teaching point 2: Mixed numbers can be placed on a number line.
  • Teaching point 3: Understanding how to compare and order proper fractions supports the comparison and ordering of mixed numbers.
  • Teaching point 4: Mixed numbers can be partitioned and combined in the same way as whole numbers.
  • Teaching point 5: Mixed numbers can be written as improper fractions.
  • Teaching point 6: Improper fractions can be added and subtracted in the same way as proper fractions.