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Video material to support the implementation of the National Curriculum


This collection of 60 short videos, filmed in a range of school classrooms in 2012 and 2013, shows teaching, and learning, in line with the three overall aims of the new National Curriculum. These aims are that pupils should develop fluency, reason mathematically and be able to solve problems. Research by the Department for Education demonstrates that a key feature of mathematics lessons in high performing jurisdictions is that the development of quick recall, accuracy and fluency in parallel with the development of understanding and reasoning are all required to promote sound mathematical development (See p 70 of the DfE document listed below).

The first video, immediately below, gives a ten-minute overview of the whole library of clips, and their relevance to the new curriculum. Individual videos can be accessed via the buttons further below or the links on the right of this page.

You can also find the videos on our YouTube channel - and you may find it useful to download them to your own device, using the links given beneath each video.

If you encounter any problems with the videos, please contact us.



Lesson videos on elements of progression in multiplication across the primary school


Lesson videos on elements of progression in subtraction in Key Stage 2

Number Facts

Lesson videos on number facts for all four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


Lesson videos on structures of division in terms of grouping and sharing at Key Stage 1; moving into a written algorithm at Key Stage 2 and demonstration of fluency at Key Stage 3


Lesson videos addressing the ability to develop a secure understanding and calculate with fractions


Lesson videos addressing the demands of the New Curriculum to introduce formal algebra into KS2

Multiplicative Reasoning

Lesson videos on representations in terms of the bar model and double number line are used to support reasoning and problem solving

Thank you

Many people were involved in the making of these videos and we would like to especially thank the film company for their experience and expertise and the teachers and schools for sharing their professional practice.
Filmed and edited by Glasshead Production Company.
Filmed in:
  • Bolingbroke Academy London
  • Earlsfield Primary School London
  • Kibworth Primary School Leicestershire
  • Oldway Primary School Devon
  • Parklands Primary School Leicestershire
  • Springfield Community Primary School London
  • St Marylebone School London
  • Woodberry Down Primary School London


  • Primary
  • KS1
  • KS2
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