KS3 key ideas exemplified

A series of 52 PowerPoints containing activities and professional development stimuli based on key ideas from the core concepts explored in the KS3 PD materials

Secondary KS3
Mastery PD Materials
KS3 key ideas exemplified

The KS3 Mastery Professional Development Materials are made up of six themes. These cover 17 core concepts, collectively containing numerous key ideas. All of these are listed in the overview documents which can be found on the core concept webpages, accessed from the Secondary Mastery Professional Development materials main page.

Each overview document breaks the concept down into several key ideas, and details pedagogical principles and practices. 52 of these key ideas are discussed extensively in sections called 'Exemplified key ideas'.

To help teachers translate the professional development content of all these exemplifications into their classroom practice, we have put together PowerPoint slide decks. These combine slides marked for use in the classroom with students, and slides focusing on the pedagogy, suitable for planning discussions in departments.

Each PowerPoint deck concentrates on one exemplified key idea and includes slides pointing to:

  • Prior learning
  • Misconceptions
  • Representations and structure
  • Key vocabulary.

You can download all 52 slide decks below. They are organised into six zip files, where each file contains all the slide decks for the key ideas in the overarching theme of the national curriculum.

All this material is mirrored in the KS3 mathematics teaching guidance published by the DfE in autumn 2021.