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Factors, multiples and primes

Unit 7 – 4 weeks

The PowerPoint file contains slides you can use in the classroom to support each of the learning outcomes for this unit, listed below.

The slides are comprehensively linked to associated pedagogical guidance in the NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development materials. There are also links to the ready-to-progress criteria detailed in the DfE Primary Mathematics Guidance 2020.

Learning outcomes

# Title
1 Pupils explain what ‘volume’ is using a range of contexts
2 Pupils describe the units used to measure volume
3 Pupils explain how to calculate the volume of a cuboid
4 Pupils explain what a cube number is
5 Pupils use their knowledge of calculating volume to solve problems in a range of contexts
6 Pupils explain how to calculate the volume of compound shapes
7 Pupils explain the use of the commutative and distributive laws when multiplying three or more numbers
8 Pupils explain the reasons for changing two-factor multiplication calculations to three-factor multiplications
9 Pupils explain what a factor is and how to use arrays and multiplication/division facts to find them
10 Pupils explain how to systematically find all factors of a number and how they know when they have found them all
11 Pupils use a complete list of factors to explain when a number is a square number
12 Pupils explain how to identify a prime number or a composite number
13 Pupils explain how to identify a common factor or a prime factor of a number
14 Pupils explain how to identify a multiple or common multiple of a number
15 Pupils use knowledge of properties of number to solve problems in a range of contexts
16 Pupils explain how to use the factor pairs of ‘100’ to solve calculations efficiently


  • Primary
  • KS2
  • Year 5
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