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Unit 3 – 2 weeks

The PowerPoint file contains slides you can use in the classroom to support each of the learning outcomes for this unit, listed below.

The slides are comprehensively linked to associated pedagogical guidance in theĀ NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development materials. There are also links to the ready-to-progress criteria detailed in theĀ DfE Primary Mathematics Guidance 2020.

Learning outcomes

# Title
1 A regular polygon has sides that are all the same length and interior angles that are all equal in size
2 Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a two-dimensional shape
3 Different shapes can have the same perimeter
4 Perimeter is measured in units of length and can be found by counting units
5 Perimeter can be calculated by adding together the side lengths of a 2D shape
6 The perimeter of a rectangle can be calculated by addition and multiplication
7 Unknown side lengths can be calculated from perimeter and known side lengths
8 The perimeter of a regular polygon can be calculated by multiplication
9 The side length of a regular polygon can be calculated by division where the perimeter is known


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