Linking fractions, decimals and percentages

Spine 3: Fractions – Topic 3.10

Primary KS2 Year 6
Mastery PD Materials


Make connections between fractions and previous work on decimals. Learn common fraction and decimal equivalences. Understand that percentages tell us about the proportion being considered. Find percentages of quantities.

Teaching points

  • Teaching point 1: Some fractions are easily converted to decimals.
  • Teaching point 2: These fraction–decimal equivalents can be found throughout the number system.
  • Teaching point 3: Fraction–decimal equivalence can sometimes be used to simplify calculations.
  • Teaching point 4: ‘Percent’ means number of parts per hundred. A percentage can be an operator on a quantity, indicating the proportion of a quantity being considered.
  • Teaching point 5: Percentages have fraction and decimal equivalents.
  • Teaching point 6: If the value of a whole is known, a percentage of that number or amount can be calculated.