Times tables: 11 and 12

Spine 2: Multiplication and Division – Topic 2.11

Primary KS2 Year 4
Mastery PD Materials


Build up the eleven and twelve times tables using the distributive law, and solve associated multiplication and division problems. Combine known six times table facts with doubling facts and strategies to multiply by twelve.

Teaching points

  • Teaching point 1: The distributive law can be used to build up the 11 times table by partitioning 11 into 10 and 1. Adjacent multiples of 11 have a difference of 11.
  • Teaching point 2: The distributive law can be used to build up the 12 times table by partitioning 12 into 10 and 2. Adjacent multiples of 12 have a difference of 12.
  • Teaching point 3: Products in the 12 times table are double the products in the six times table; products in the six times table are half of the products in the 12 times table.
  • Teaching point 4: Divisibility rules can be used to find out whether a given number is divisible (to give a whole number) by 11 or 12.